Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Three in one Bio class

I observed an amazing class today.
As a formative assessment to check for understanding of their work on ecology Mr. Amaral had his IB Yr 1 Biology class prepare work stations in which they taught various ecological concepts to a third grade class. Third grade are covering the same topics in their Science unit. At the same time another group of students, the IB Yr 2 Psychology class, recorded observations of the third grade class as part of their unit on Developmental Psychology. Twelve HS students teaching 25 LS students with no "teacher" involvement except as observers.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Graded Performing Choir

Another great performance by the Graded Choir at CEU Casablanca this Sunday. They did us proud.

Don't forget to mark your calendars on December 9 when the Choir and the Jazz Band will perform at the Tomie Ohtake Hall to celebrate the release of the Graded Voices CD.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

GIN Conference - Buenos Aires

The GIN Conference involves a full schedule beginning with breakfast at 6:30 AM and returning to the hotel well after 10:00 PM. The students below were extremely responsible and were fully engaged in all of the keynote speakers and student presentations. Dr. Carpenter & Mrs. Gadsden-Carpenter were extremely proud to be representing Graded with such an outstanding group of individuals. The behavior and professionalism exhibited by this group was inspirational. 

Inline image 1
Fefa, Fe, Ricky, Val, Henrique, Piper, Delfi, Paula

If you would like to see the presentations or keynote speakers here is the link to the AASSA GIN Conference Website. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

First Debate Tournament between Graded and Brasilia

Please take a moment to congratulate the students who participated in the first ever Debate Tournament between Graded and EAB over the weekend in Brasilia. Our students were well-prepared, persuasive in their speeches, and respectful of their opponents.  Michael Borger, Mitch Herr, and Catu Berretta did some of the best debating we've seen from them. Catu Berretta took Third Speaker, Luiz de Campos took First Speaker, and the team of Lucas Auriemo, Nicky Ferreira, and Luiz de Campos took first place. The win in the final round, with only a half hour to prepare, was due to the whole team coming together to help them research their arguments. Great job everyone!

A big thank you to Charlie Potter, Tory Potter, and Madeline Raynolds for preparing our students so well.
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