Monday, August 6, 2012

The New Student Advisory Board (SAB)

This Saturday, the Student Advisory Board (SAB) had its first meeting to kick-start one of Graded's newest groups. Its mission is to establish a link between the students, teachers, and administrators to come up with creative solutions to improve and better our community.

The group conducted a variety of exercises, such as learning about the unique types of leaders through a survey as well as considering the differing opinions of teachers, students, parents and the administration in regards to school issues. To end the meeting, members shared their own personal beliefs about what makes Graded great, such as the quality of the education and the sense of community, and discussed the importance of opposing opinions and views.

This group is stepping in as a replacement of the old Student Council, which was abolished, as it wasn't fulfilling its original purpose. SAB hopes to go beyond organizing the hallway bulletin boards and coffee machines to a rather strong, cohesive connection between students and the rest of the school.

With this purpose in mind, SAB will be able to give a voice to the student body as well as other groups, and to make a significant change at Graded. This meeting served as a launch point for the group, establishing what should be changed and how to work as a team to get there.

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