Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Innovate 2013 Presenters Featured at Porvir

While preparing for the Innovate 2013 Conference, members of the organizing committee developed a partnership with Porvir.

"Porvir means “future well-being for all people”. We want to learn how to build this future and invite the Brazilian society to learn with us. This is the intention of Porvir, a communication and social mobilization initiative that promotes the production, dissemination and exchange of content on innovations in education, in order to inspire improvements in the quality of education in Brazil."

Two of the key presenters for Innovate 2013, Will Richardson and Scott Klososky, have been featured on the Porvir site recently and Porvir will be covering the conference in January. We're privileged to have the opportunity to work with Porvir and to learn from these two thinkers.

Scott Klososky interview is entitled, Cérebros portáteis e seu potencial de mudar educação

Will Richardson's interview, “Professores devem reaprender a aprender”

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