Saturday, November 10, 2012

Seniors and Early Applications
44 of Graded's 91 seniors have applied early to 45 different overseas universities. Even for Graded this is an extremely high percentage of early applications. This means that for those 44 students, along with the support of their counselors, teacher and parents have been extremely busy these past months preparing their applications. This is in addition to their rigorous coursework. This also means that they will have decisions from the Universities in December or early January.

There are basically three types of early applications.
Early Decision - Applicants apply early and if accepted, they are contractually obligated to attend the school.
Early Restrictive Action - Applicants apply early and, if accepted, they have an earlier deadline to make a decision on whether or not to attend.
Early Action - Applicants apply early and, if accepted, they can still consider other options.

The Wordle shows the schools that the students applied to (the larger the name, the more applications)

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