Thursday, January 17, 2013

Students and Parents: You can participate in the Innovate 2013 Conference

While just about everyone in the Graded community will be finishing up their vacation, 300 educators, including over a 100 of Graded's faculty, will be learning at the Innovate 2013 Conference. The good news is, that in today's connected world, you can participate virtually by joining the Conference Ning. This is your opportunity to join in our discussion on "re-imagining school". You can also track the conference on Twitter with the hashtag #innovate13.

The full conference kicks off with the Innovator Panel on Saturday evening at 1700. We are happy to announce that two Graded parents, Alex Abizaid and Fábio Coelho are on the panel. Graded graduate, Michell Zappa is also a featured speaker on Monday.

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