Sunday, January 27, 2013

What do these two people have in common?

Michael Furdyck - TakingITGlobal
Michael Furdyck and Linda Ragsdale both presented at the October GIN of the Americas Conference that Graded hosted. One of the reasons why we feel that events like the GIN Conference are so important for the Graded community is that they help us connect with special individuals from throughout the world. While many students were influenced by Michael and Linda at the conference, both were recently in the news.

As many of you know, Linda was a victim of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in 2008. She recently testified in the trial of David Coleman Headley and her testimony is mentioned in the New York Times article, American Mumbai Plotter Sentenced to 35 Years. The article and the trial can serve as a reminder of what Linda experienced and her mission to promote peace throughout the world
Linda Ragsdale

On a more upbeat note, Michael and TakingITGlobal has offered two Graded students the opportunity to participate in the Education Fast Forward debate that will be viewed by members of the Education World Forum. The group has prepared by studying the white paper, From Learner Voice to Emerging Leader. The debate is Monday from 9:00 - 10:00 am and you can follow the comments and questions on twitter under the hashtag #eff6 and at the EFF Facebook page.

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