Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Graded's New App Developers Organization

Friday after school was the first meeting for the Graded App Developers Organization. Maybe the next Mike Krieger will come out of this group's work. This group of high school students will be working with Luciano Romalho to run a 10 week course on programming for middle school students. The course kicks off on February 27. The Graded App Developers Organization actually has several projects that they are working on. They will organize this middle school course, continue to hone their skills in app development so that they can create apps for sale, and run these same type of courses for members of the outside community. Lofty goals but the group seems to be focused. For those of you who are wondering if there is a demand for programming here at Graded - The e-mail went out to MS parents at 1619 on the Friday before Carnaval and by 1650 there had already been six students who responded that they wanted to join the class.

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  1. Just an update on demand for the MS workshop. By later Friday night there had been 18 requests to join the workshop and the limit was set at 15. The workshop filled up within hours (and it was the Friday of Carnaval vacation). Looks like the students are on to something.


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