Saturday, March 23, 2013

IB History Bloggers: Writing for a Global Audience

Image from Mrs. Slater's IB History website
Check out the student blogs for Ms. Petersen's IB History course. Students are sharing their learning on one of five countries (Lebanon, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria or Iraq), and they are explaining their thinking in clear and interesting ways. Ms. Petersen has also encouraged them to "be provocative" with their ideas.

Syrias Business by Constaniator by Tico
The Perks of Being a History Nerd by Mari
Saudi Arabia by Tess
History Joy: IRAN by Julia
History with the investigator by Na Yeon
Instant Israel by Alvaro
Beyond the Country by Rigel
Inside Israel by Eliana Keinan
All About Iran by Mariana
Iranland by Larissa
Learning about Lebanon by Jorge
Taking Interest in Iraq by Isa
Israel Minute by Kyle

 Below are the grading criteria:

2 entries for each category
• nature of the government
• domestic policies
• opposition
• dissent
• Recommendations for policies
• Entries use sources that are attributed and if
quoted cited correctly
• Sources are either primary or up-to-date
secondary from respected authorities in the
field or news sources
• Uses 2 books
Well-written and clear
• Entries clearly convey the learning gleaned
from each source and any concerns about
• Graphs or stats for at least one entry.
• Telling pictures for each entry.
• Revealing or interesting quote for each entry
• Video/Podcast links for at least one entry.
• Use at least 2 books to help research your blog-
cite from them.
• Can use screencasts
• Well-designed, inviting to the reader

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