Friday, April 19, 2013

The Art of Recitation

As seen on Talonline, Post by Victor Lee

Reciting poetry is an art, requiring concentration, knowledge of the sound and rhythm of language, good memory, eloquence, flair, and passion. Yesterday, at the Fifth Annual Poetry Recitation held by the English department, 10 finalists from the whole high school recited poems they had chosen this semester and performed first in class recitations, then in the semifinal round before making it to the final round. This year, the judges were Andre Dias, Fernão Mesquita, and Colleen Broderick. The event was a huge success: the performers dazzled the audience, and while we waited for the judges' decision the tongue twisters were hilarious--and we will never forget Luiz's talent! Here are the ten finalists and their poems, the three winners, and finally, the People's Choice Award, which we are announcing here.

Isa Hernandez: "Regret" by Charlotte Bronte
Luisa Kim: "Freedom" by Charles Bukowski
Mike Thomas: "Lot's Wife" by Wislawa Szymborska
Melanie De La Paz: "Dandelion" by Julie Lechevsky
Maria Clara Otani: "Lady Lazarus" by Sylvia Plath
Mariana Lepecki: "What Work Is" by Philip Levine
Pooja Singhi: "Chicago" by Carl Sandburg
Brenda Osta: "The Applicant" by Sylvia Plath
Jackie Gomes: "Testimonial" by Rita Dove
Elena Jaramillo: "Hands" by Siv Cedering

First place: Luisa Kim
Second place: Mariana Lepecki
Third place: Maria Clara Otani

And now the People's Choice Award winner: 
Congratulations to... Mariana Lepecki!

Congratulations to all students, who put so much effort into their poems, and the English teachers, who organized this amazing event.

The triad of judges:
Colleen Broderick, Andre Dias, and Fernão Mesquita

Photos by Till Lagemann and Fernanda Fiszner

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