Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Awards and Graduation Ceremonies: Collaboration at its best

This video shows the culminating event at what is arguably Graded's best event of the year. Yesterday the setting was beautiful, the student and teacher speakers' messages were profound and the music was of professional quality. It was truly a special celebration for the Graded community. 

After the ceremony a parent asked me, "Who designed the stage setup?" I had to think a bit because there were many people who were responsible for creating and building the backdrop for yesterday's event. In fact, every aspect of the event required a team effort. The Graduation Ceremony and the Senior Awards are the two main events for the seniors each year and they are excellent examples of the power of collaboration and team work. These ceremonies are meaningful because of the care and consideration that our faculty and staff devote to them. I'd like to thank all of those who contributed to these two memorable events.The list is certainly impressive.  

  • David Bair - David coordinated the show with the entire team and he prepared the seniors during two rehearsals.
  • Adelaide Garcia - Adelaide has been on top of ordering and making sure that everything is in place since August. She spent an entire day two weeks ago assigning seats. 
  • Daisy Krell and Isabela Gasparian - Provided support whenever it was needed.
  • Carmen Souza - Carmen helped with the senior awards ceremony and pre and post graduation assistance.
  • Lika Kishino - Lika was involved in preparing and publishing the graduation program.
  • The Maintenance Team - They built the new risers and have been working on the auditorium all week. 
  • Dona Emilia and her Crew - Maybe the last time that the graduates have Dona Emilia's brownies and apple pies.
  • Aleandro Oliveira - for the amazing job with the sound and lights.
  • Robbie Stange and the Band - Fantastic performances today.
  • Guilherme Faria - Arranging and performing in today's interlude
  • Graduation Speakers - Ney Vieira, Lee Fertig, Amy Hunt, Mie Mizutani, Pollo Suarez, Julia Wu, Maggie Moraes, Sherry McClelland - Fantastic messages from each one of the speakers today.
  • Senior Musicians - Alessandro Mondelli, Juri Takeda, Hyun Ho Lee, Kyeong Ho Park, Henrique Carneiro, Peter Greenwald, Caio Mello, Kyle Bissel, Pollo Suarez, and their backups Leo Oliveira and Kevin Bengtsson - Possibly the most talented group of musicians Graded has ever had in one class before.  
  • Cory Miller and Todd Daniel - Planning and organizing the awards ceremony and calling out the graduates' names yesterday.
  • Cleaning Staff - They were some of the last people to leave the school last night. 
  • Senior Awards PresentersAlain Youssef, Peter Klam, Mary Pfeiffer, Wayne Shackelford, Cris Matheus, Ty Stephensen, Jed Oksness, Robbie Stange, Guilherme Faria, Maggie Moraes, Adriana Silveira, Lauren Pool, RJ Jensen, Guilhermo Loyolla, Allyson Milner, Ange Molony, Guadalupe Alas, Beth RamosJennifer Carpenter & Karin Gunn, Gila Fregonesi, Lee Fertig  - Each department put serious thought selecting the winners and the speeches were certainly special.
  • Sherry McClelland and Neide Mussete - Playing piano at this afternoon's reception.
  • Security - Rogerio and his team were ready to manage the influx of visitors on both days.
  • The Student Marshals and Ushers
  • The students who spoke on behalf of departing teacherAndre Mendes, Inez Gil, Victor Lee, Alvaro Rossi, Alessandro Modelli, Eliana Keinan, Edu Ramos and Pollo Suarez, Luiza Kalil and Carolina Paulino, Julia Wu, Annie Groth
  • All of you who helped the speakers with editing and crafting the perfect messages.

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