Thursday, June 6, 2013

Students raise awareness about modern-day slavery

Grade 9 students from the History of the Americas class have explored their understanding of the history of slavery and the struggle to abolish it, to reflect on whether similar events, ideas and institutions may help us today in abolishing modern slavery.

The result of the students work was collected on a public site called STOP Slavery, that was created to help raise awareness about the issue. The site and the projects were based on organizations that fight slavery today, like CNN Freedom Project. The projects use different types of technology to convey student ideas based on research and they can be explored by regions (North, Central and South America) and also by type of change factors (people, events and movements).

Each project had to include information about both the history of slavery and today's slavery in the region, a connection between past and present and any resolution for change in modern-day slavery that is rooted in history.

Below you can see some examples of student work. This project was a collaboration between the Grade 9 History teachers, Ms LaFrance and Mr. Dwyer, and the HS Academic Technology Coordinator, Mrs. Meneghini.

Please visit the STOP Slavery site  and help spread the word about modern-day slavery!
Click HERE to access.

STOP Slavery site

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