Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Welcome to the 2013 School Year

We're ready to roll...
The high school faculty had a little bit of fun during our first faculty meeting of the year on Monday and we are so ready for your arrival tomorrow. We're looking forward to the positive energy that you bring to campus. We will be welcoming seven new faculty members and forty new students to the Graded community. I'm confident that these new community members will be valuable additions to our community.

I hear that the Seniors will be kicking off the new year at sunrise tomorrow. This seems like the perfect way to begin the year on a positive note.

Important Pieces of Information

  • Your schedules are in Veracross. We were making changes up until yesterday so your schedule may have changed. Please make sure that you bring a copy because we will not be handing out printed schedules. Please contact your counselor if you have questions regarding your schedule.
  •  Below is the daily schedule and tomorrow is a Day A. Your locker number is on your schedule so you can store your belongings first thing in the morning and report to class at 8:10 am.
  • Tomorrow's flex will be a high school assembly in the auditorium. You'll be sitting in rows based on your homeroom teacher. This should be listed on your schedule.
  • There is a two week period for schedule requests (deadline is August 15). 

Please take some time to review this year's Student Handbook. There are several changes that to policies which you should understand.

  • U.S. Diploma graduation requirement changes for students in the Classes of 2015 and beyond.
  • Changes to the science program which affect the Brazilian Diploma requirements for students in the Classes of 2016 and beyond.
  • Vacation Homework
  • Summative Assessment Scheduling
  • Withdrawing from courses after the start of the semester grace period.
  • Suspensions and work missed while a student is suspended
  • Work Assigned During School-Related Absences
  • Appropriate Dress and Behavior
  • High School Trips and Homework

See you tomorrow,

Mr. Peterson

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