Friday, August 9, 2013

We're proud to announce the first round of acceptances to Brazilian Universities. We're certainly proud of these students and their accomplishments and we wish them well.
Alexandre Carvalho Dias - FGV (Adm) e Insper (Adm)
Anna Carolina Sousa - Mackenzie (Biologia)
Carol Arnstein (turma de 2012) - Espm (Publicidade)
Daniela Lutfalla - Espm (Design)
Dante Oliveira Torres (turma de 2011) - PUC (Adm)
Giulia Song - Faap (Rádio e TV)
Natalie Shores - Belas Artes (Design)
Roberta Resende - Mackenzie (Ciências Contábeis) e PUC (Ciências Contábeis)
Shelly Dorf - Faap (Rádio e TV)
Yasmin Della Nina - Faap (Relações Exteriores)

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