Sunday, August 4, 2013

What do Graded's Core Values look like?

Students Sharing their Core Value Examples

Students in Integrated Math Standard I started the year by sharing stories from the vacation and they had to connect their experiences to our new Core Values. The members of the class then had to guess which classmate matched the story. The second half of the class the students defined how the they specifically use these attributes in the classroom.

This is just one example of how the Core Values are coming to life in our classrooms. Below are examples from their vacation and how they can practice the Core Values in the classroom.

Over time, our students will be easily able to identify these attributes at the time of the action and/or event.

Risk taking
"Went scuba diving for the first time."
"Ran a half marathon in Rio ( Time = 1:49)."

"When you do a mistake and you try to figure out what you did wrong."
"When learning a new concept, reflecting on something that you learned previously can help because the concepts might relate."

"Be innovative in finding new study habits or patterns that work for you."

"I went to see researchers trying to capture sea turtles."
"Don't be afraid to ask if you are confused..."

"Invite someone you don't know to work with you."
"Helping someone who didn't understand what to do."

"Bring calculator to class."
"Having to spend three weeks without my parents doing things for me."

"Today I talked to a guy who is new to Graded."
"Meeting new people at a place that was completely new to me."

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