Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Next Steps with Challenge Success: Create a more balanced and academically fulfilling life for our students.

We had a lively discussion at yesterday's High School PTA Coffee about the culture and climate at Graded. We used what we have learned from our work with Challenge Success to frame the discussion and participants were asked to take a stance on several position statements. They had to decide where they felt the Graded parent community stood on the topics of homework, future university plans for their sons/daughters, extra-curricular activities, and posting of grades on Veracross. The group also developed statements about the school culture that faculty and students will respond to. This was our first meeting after releasing the data and we are clearly moving into an action phase. The next steps include:

  • Begin the dialogue with faculty and students 
  • Join the Challenge Success community and begin working with them on an action plan 
  • Recruit Volunteers for a team of representatives from all stakeholder groups
Below is the presentation from yesterday's meeting. We'll be sharing the parents' views after sharing with the faculty. Please feel free to add comments and/or questions using the comment feature below. We look forward to getting input from a larger group of community members.

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