Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What type of film can you create in 72 hours?

A talented team of Graded students (everyone under 17) embarked on a journey to create the best short film in 72 hours. Shot in São Paulo, Brazil, the students were able to achieve a fantastic result in Mio Gioiello, Mia Figlia, a National Film Challenge 2013 entry.

Starring Mendel Steinbruch, Luiza Mizrahi, and Rafael Wurzmann, Lorenzo (retired gangster) is faced with the most terrible situation: his precious daughter is kidnapped. Join the adventure to see how this confusion turns out!
This was the only entry in the competition from Brazil and there were very few teenagers who competed. We'll learn how the team did in the coming weeks.

Mio Gioiello, Mia Figlia (My Jewel, My Daughter) from Pedro Salles Leite on Vimeo.

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