Monday, March 17, 2014


Congratulation to all who participated in Brazil MUN over the last five days. Debate started at 09:00 and went until 19:00 each day. Directors from other school complimented Graded students as the most prepared, well-spoken and on task students in each delegation. 

This year's Leadership:
Secretary General:  Luiza Gundim
Chair of Political Commitee:  Clara Bezerra
Chair of Human Rights Committee:  Stephanie Prufer
Vice-Chair of Security Council:  Pooja Singhi
Vice-Chair of G20 (Group of Twenty):  Daniel Almeida

Best Delegates in G20:
Delegation of Mexico:  Gabe Borger and Brian Wolfson

Honorable Mention in Security Council: 
Delegation of the United States of America:  Kevin Kim and Karen Kandleman. 

Next year's leadership:
Special Committee Co-Chair:  Luiza Valim

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