Friday, March 14, 2014

Parent of a Graded Senior's Art Exhibition

Second edition LAB570
São Paulo-Brazil


This exhibition presents “O Saber da Linha” (The Knowledge of the Line) a focus on the relationship between drawing and the different medias in cutting edge art.
The studio space Ateliê Alê, eventually became an area of ​​democratization and discussion on contemporary art production.  Many ideas immerged and the project LAB570 was created as an artistic laboratory for curators to develop upcoming projects based on current art production in the city of São Paulo. In addition, the space provides another exhibition possibility for emerging artists.

In its second edition,  LAB570 presents  the exhibition “O Saber da Linha” , curated by Paulo Gallina  a young curator. The exhibition is a cutout on the relationship between line and drawing, and the idea of ​​constant presence of that quintessential element of design, the line, on various supports. Objects, photographs and paintings that explore the boundaries of this support, will be displayed, becoming pure image. With participant artists: Alexandra Ungern-Sternberg , Andrey Zignnatto , Camilo Meneghetti , Evandro Soares , Fabio Leão, Fernanda Carvalho , Je Américo , Marcelo Amorim , Pedro Gallego and Tchelo , the exhibition begins in March and lasts until mid-April.

Parallel to the exhibition the studio Ateliê Alê presents the first edition of  Projeto Portão (Gate Project) in the adjacent gallery that opens to the street . For this project, its creators,  Alexandra Ungern-Sternberg and Fábio Leão , invited graffiti artists to develop an artwork on the  studio’s door. Photographic records of this production will be presented to the public proposing a discussion of the relationship between art that is on the street and institutionalized art .

Exhibition :  O Saber da Linha
Curator: Paulo Gallina
Organization :
Alexandra Ungern - Sternberg
Fábio Leão
Opening: March 13, 2014 from 6 to 11pm.
Visitation : March 14 to April 12 from 11am to 6pm . Open every day except Sundays.
Where : Ateliê Alê . Rua São Sebastião , 570 , Santo Amaro , São Paulo - SP .
More information : Tel : +55-11- 2548-8508 .

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