Monday, October 1, 2012

First Annual IB Core Retreat

On Friday and Saturday the Junior IB Diploma candidates attended the first ever IB Core Retreat. The retreat focused on ToK, Extended Essay and CAS and was organized by Ms. McClelland, Ms. Hunt, Amaral, Maggie and Mr. Berg. Students embarked on a 2-year journey during this 24 hour event where the boys slept in the black box theater and the girls in the library. 

Mr. Berg's ToK Students Kicked off the Retreat
"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Thank you for choosing Berg Air, the airline with fewest in-flight bear attacks. This is flight IB 2014 with destination to the IB diploma. Flight attendants will be coming around shortly serving refreshments. Please note that electronic devices must be turned off, due to IB Federal Protocol 1. Estimated flight time is approximately 2 years, so make yourselves comfortable. Please place your physical and emotional baggage either under the seat in front of you, or stow it in the overhead compartments. Note that emotions and attitude towards the IB diploma may shift over the course of the flight. Also note that the “procrastinate” sign has been turned off. While it will be turned on later in the flight, we suggest that you remain in your seat with your workload securely fastened, even if the sign is turned on. On this journey to the completion of the IB diploma, there will be some minor turbulence as we pass through an Extended Essay storm, but the flight staff is here to assist you with any fears or problems you may have. On behalf of all those at Bergland Travel, allow me to say welcome, and enjoy your flight." 
by Adam Fertig
Thanks to Mr. Potter, Ms. Petersen, Ms. Fernandes, Mr. Shackelford, Mr. Jensen, Ms. Stoneman, Ms. Panunzio and Ms. Zeidenberg for also contributing to this wonderful event.

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