Friday, October 5, 2012

IB Math Students Creating Infographics

In today's world it's important to be able to be able to analyze and synthesize data and to be able to present the information clearly and creatively. We see more and more individuals and organizations coming up with creative ways to share and present data. Students in Ms. Molony's IB Math Studies classes found examples for Olympic Gold Medals, swimsuit trends, 60 seconds on the Internet, and a kitchen cheat sheet. The students then gathered data and created their own Infographics (see slideshow below).

This project is an excellent example of how technology can be used in a subject matter course to enhance learning. It's a merging of subject matter and information technology skills and knowledge. It's also an example of students working on relevant tasks for today's world.

In the end, the students were assessed based on the following: "Meeting the criteria for the learning goal(s) in original and insightful ways. Work reflects a consistent and thorough understanding of the explicitly taught content and skills. Strong evidence of analysis, synthesis, and/or evaluation. All checklist points are complete. Survey questions allow opportunities for analysis and opportunities for critical thinking. Student includes analysis of data through key facts/interesting interpretations/highlights from the survey."

Ms. Molony teamed up with our Academic Tech Coordinator, Ms. Meneghini to offer this learning opportunity to her students.

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