Thursday, December 6, 2012

Photography Students Participate in a Global Project

On Tuesday December 4th, the whole Photo II class met up to finally glue up the huge posters from
Inside Out, which was anything but an easy task. It included making the special glue from scratch out
of flour and water, spreading it all over the surface, aligning the posters, adding a second layer of glue
on top, and squeegeeing the entire thing. We had chosen three locations to put up the posters- in the
bus pick-up area, next to the Lower School library, and on the wall facing Giovanni Gronchi outside the
school. After the long process of taking photos of children from every grade, printing, scanning, getting
permission, sending them out, waiting, and finally displaying them to our community, it is safe to say
that the Inside Out Project was a success in our school and was well worth all the hard work.
Inside Out Pasting- By: Paula Schulman

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  1. See if you can tell the difference between the two exhibits. Any ideas why?


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