Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tackling Stress at Graded: HS PTA Coffee April 17th

If you're interested in learning more about our plans to partner with Challenge Success to study our culture then we hope that you will attend the April 17th HS PTA Coffee.

Challenge Success is a not-for-profit organization out of the Stanford University School of Education. Through a Graded Fund grant the middle and high schools will be surveying all students in the coming weeks. The organization is "Challenging this definition of success that starts with grades, GPA, and test scores..." and they assist community members with changing attitudes and behaviors that create unhealthy environments. The survey asks students about

  • student engagement;
  • teacher support and care; 
  • academic integrity; 
  • academic worry;
  • parent goals and expectations; 
  • homework and extra-curriculars; 
  • health and well-being.

We are flipping the meeting and ask that parents who attend Wednesday's coffee preview the following videos. This will provide you with information on some of the Challenge Success ideas.

In this short video, Denise Pope, Co-Founder of Challenge Success discusses the mission of the organization. One of her key quotes is, "Reflect on a broader definition of success."

Denise Pope speaking to parents about homework, sleep, stress, extracurricular activities.

Challenge Success: Student Interviews on:
  • Late start and collaboration days
  • Block Scheduling
  • Dialogue Nights and the Culture of Stress

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