Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Class of 2013: Graduation will be here before you know it.

As you can see there your high school career is coming to an end in a very short amount of time. Enjoy the the coming days and think carefully about the legacy that the Class of 2013 will leave here at Graded. Your class has set the bar high for others in many ways. As leaders, you have been valuable contributors to our community services, activities and athletics groups/teams. One huge change in our culture has been the high percentage of you that are completing all three diplomas. The Class of 2013 has established an attitude that the IB diploma is attainable for the majority.

We had our second meeting on Friday to prepare for the Class of 2013 Graduation Ceremony. Below is the presentation from the meeting.  A couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. Completed ticket lists may be turned in to Adelaide after 8:00 am on Monday, April 8. As we mentioned, the tickets are assigned based on order that the sheets are turned in. Also, please note that the "Standing" tickets are for individuals to watch a live feed of the ceremony in the Black Box. There will be seats for them to sit in.
  2. Take note of the IB exam dates and times and make sure that you are on time. Also note our policy on study time during the IB exam period.
  3. Graduation rehearsal dates and times will be announced soon and the rehearsals are mandatory.
  4. Nominations for the Rob Neeleman Award are due by April 29. Send them to Mr. Peterson (
  5. We will meet again before the end of April to continue the march to graduation.
Please feel free to e-mail Adelaide Garcia ( if you have questions.

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