Sunday, May 12, 2013

Extended Essay Panel: An authentic learning experience

On Thursday and Friday 69 Graded Juniors presented their extended essays to a panel of teachers and peers. This was our largest group ever and the variety of topics was excellent. The panels are one step in the learning process for IB diploma students. While this is an independent research project, each student has a faculty advisory who guides him/her along the way. The panelists review the essays prior to the panel discussion and they have the opportunity to ask the author questions and make suggestions. The students then use the feedback to create their final works which will be submitted to the IBO for marks.

Sample Extended Essay Topics
  • What is the optimal angle to shoot a basketball?
  • In what ways does H.P. Lovecraft explore the theme of Isolation in his works?
  • An in-depth study of the the theme of alienation and isolation in a post-World War II context in Pink Floyd’s seminal 1979 album, The Wall.
  • Estilo literário e crítica social na obra Vidas secas, de Graciliano Ramos 
  • The effect of 1980 Colombian Drug Cartels on Colombian society to this day
  • “How does the movie, Moneyball, a sports film portray the emotions and motives of a hero in a movie?”
  • How did Mark Rothko’s inner conflicts and goals as an artist reflect on his unique rectangular motif? 
  • To what extent is music piracy in Brazil a negative externality in the music industry?
  • Influence of classical and baroque music on Randy Rhoad's style while in the Ozzy Osborne era
  • To what extent did the childhood trauma and educational values influence Robespierre during the Reign of Terror?
Wordles showing the students' essays.

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