Monday, May 13, 2013

It's Official...Graded Live is Up and Running

Graded's newest group is GradedLive and they have been testing out the live video streaming of events. The group officially kicked things off Friday at Zombie Zoo on You can learn more about GradedLive by watching their promo video, Zombie Zoo recording and an interview with Chris Crutcher. The next GradedLive event will be the annual Film Festival on Tuesday, May 28th.

GradeLive Promo

The GradedLive crew just recently streamed Friday's Zombie Zoo and you can watch the video on JustinTV.

Check out the Zombie Zoo recording here

Watch live video from GradedLive on

Or, visit

Below are the links to Zombie Zoo (channel password: eagles)

Finally, here is their interview with author Chris Crutcher.

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