Monday, October 21, 2013

"Transition is not fun, but it is predictable" Libby Stephens

Libby Stephens met with parents today to discuss Third Culture Kids and transitions.


"Graded is a transition school"
"Saying "Goodbye"is a process...Not an event"
"The most difficult country for a student to move to is his/her passport country."
"Mom and Dad, don't mock the culture."

The disease is curable but there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • This is harder to address as the student gets older. 
  • Procrastination includes putting off goodbyes.
  • It's easier to leave a place if you're mad or upset with it. This becomes a coping mechanism. 

Reactions of the one who is left behind
  • Betrayal - even when the student is not responsible for the decision to leave
  • Grief - can be more difficult for the student who stays
  • Relief
  • Anger
  • Excitement
  • Enhancing Other Relationships

The "Rs" of Leaving Right

  • Rites and Rituals
  • Roles that they will give up (e.g. soccer player, student council representative)
  • Responsibilities that will change
  • Routines
  • Relationships
  • Residence
  • Resources
  • RAFT - 4 steps
R = Reconciliation - Who do you need to reconcile differences with before leaving?
A = Affirmation - Who are the important people who have been important to me while I was here?
F = Farewells - How will you say goodbye to the people, places, possessions, customs and traditions?
T = Think Destination and Expectations - How can you learn more about your new place?

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