Saturday, February 1, 2014

Preparing for the final two years of high school

The above presentation is from the January 29th Grade 10 Parent Afternoon. The note below is from Graded's IB Coordinator, Mr. Carinn Mariani.

Our goal for this afternoon was to provide the information necessary to make informed decisions regarding IB program selections and to come together as a community of IB parents, teachers and students.  

We know that a set of answers will open the door to a new set of questions. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any of your concerns, questions or comments. I would also like to know if the organization of the afternoon and the content contained within met your needs. Based on that feedback, I will be able to tailor the goals of our next meeting (early Grade 11).

Next Steps:

Grade 11 counselors have requested that all students schedule a course selection meeting with them on a Google Calendar, shared with students in mid-January. Conferences will run from February 3 - 28. We hope parents will be able to attend meetings. If not, the counselors will communicate the results of that meeting with parents. 

Other helpful resources:

The IBO website - you will find links to university recognition, assessment and curriculum details, research on the programs, statistical reports and much more. 

Summer Pre-IB Institute - OSC is a company that provides pre-IB summer courses.  There are many companies which provide this type of service, but students and parents have reported positive experiences with OSC.  This is an optional educational experience for students and is not required to do well in this program. 

Carinn Mariani:  IBDP Coordinator
Amaral Cuhna:  Extended Essay and CAS Coordinator
Todd Daniel:      Grade 11 Counselor Last Names A-K
Susan Keenan:  Grade 11 Counselor Last Names L-Z

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