Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What is your personality type?

Grade 10 students are facing important decisions 

These are the most frequently asked questions in the 10th grade hallway this week: "Shall I do the International Baccalaureate diploma"? "Which  Higher Level courses should I take"?  "What will be my CAS project or Extended Essay topic?" Life is full of decisions... and for the 10th graders this is only the beginning!
Do What You Are
To  identify their natural preferences, gifts and talents,the 10th graders are taking the Do What You are (DWYA) personality assessment, which is an inventory based on the Myers-Briggs personality indicator.  This assessment is widely used in university campuses and career development centers to help students identify personality preferences and match them with possible fields of study and careers. You can learn more about the meanings behind ISTJ, INFJ, ESTP, ENFJ and others by visiting the Truity site.

Once students complete their assessment,  parents will be able to see the results using their Naviance family connection account. 

Luciana (Lucy) Gomes Andrade
HS Counselor

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