Thursday, February 13, 2014

What academic sources are Graded students using? released their report showing the most frequently used sources. The report is comes from 9 million student papers. You will notice that the most commonly used sources are not what you would call "academically rigorous". At Graded we like to think that our students' report would look very different.

Teachers, parents and students, what do you think? Is this list also true for Graded students?

Turnitin - The Sources in Student Writing - Secondary Ed

Infographic authored by Turnitin. Download the full study.

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  1. At Graded teacher-librarians are always offering extra support (in the classrooms or in the library) on the use of databases, google scholar, advanced search to filter results, and others, so that students will know how to select and access good and reliable information, and will develop lifelong skills that will help them become independent, effective, critical, responsible and ethical user of information.


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