Monday, March 31, 2014

Graded's Debate Team at Campinas

We are proud of our debate team and their first away tournament.  Charlie Potter and Tory Potter traveled with 18 debaters (6 teams)  this weekend to take on EAC/Campinas.  One team from Brasilia (with David Bair's encouragement and support) also attended.

Graded students won all three speaker awards (Luiz de Campos, Hea Ji Yoon, and Catu Berretta) and took both first and second place (an EAC team took third).  
- 1st Place Team: Vaughn Gardner, Luiza Valim and Hea Ji Yoon
- 2nd Place Team: Michael Borger, Luisa Kim, and Catu Berretta

The tournament organizer and other adults at the tournament mentioned several times to us about how prepared, persuasive, and respectful our students were.

Congratulations to all.

The four other Graded teams included:

- Annie Groth, Anoushka Gandhi, Pooja Singhi
- Nicky Ferreira, Juliet Thomas, Luiz de Campos
- Kevin Min, Hyo Sang (Ken) Kil, Mitch Herr
- Jack Conway, James Lee, Lorenza Colagrossi

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