Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Class of 2014 and the Homestretch

The May 24th Graduation Ceremony will be here before we all know it and it's time to look ahead to important dates/events. The next two and a half months will be a roller coaster ride for the seniors and their parents and it all begins with mock exams next week.

Mock Exams - March 17 - 20
This year we decided to devote four days to mock exams. This change was based on feedback from students and teachers from the past several years. There are no classes for seniors these days so that they can focus on the exams. We decided on this new format based on feedback from teachers and past students. There are two main purposes for the exams are...
  • to provide students and teachers with information on what knowledge and skills the students have mastered at this point in time. This information will then be used for review work and a semester exam grade.
  • to provide students with an IB Exam type of environment that will prepare them for the real exams in May.
The procedures for the mock exams are posted here.

Important events/dates are listed below. We will be going over the details in several upcoming senior flex meetings.

 April 30 - Final Day for IB Students to Submit major coursework (including CAS Work)
May 2 – May 23 - IB Exams
May 9 - Junior/Senior Prom (2030 - 0030)
May 16 - Final day of classes for all seniors
May 20 - Final Grades Posted
May 20 - Senior Breakfast (0830), Graduation Rehearsal (1000 - 1200)
May 21 - Letting Go Workshop for Parents
May 22 - Graduation Rehearsal (1530 - 1700)
May 23 - Senior Awards Ceremony (1300 - 1510)
May 24 - Graduation (1400 - 1700)

Please contact Adelaide Garcia ( if you have any questions about any of these events.

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