Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Six Graded Singers Attend AMIS in Dusseldorf, Germany

The Graded School’s Experience in the International World  
The 2014 AMIS International Honor Choir Festival

Before traveling to the AMIS festival, previous festival participants kept telling us that AMIS is an amazing opportunity, and that they’d never experienced anything as wonderful as singing in a choir with singers who share your passion for music. Of course, we believed them, but it was only when I heard the pure, strong, beautiful music being made by what looked like an ordinary group of teenage girls, that I really realized the importance of the AMIS program.
Preparing for the auditions was very time consuming, but when we started singing with the choir in Germany we realized that it was all worth it. Ms. Mussete was supporting and helping us throughout the whole experience, giving us the opportunity to be there in the first place. If it weren’t for the incredible choir program and teacher, we wouldn't have experienced such a life changing festival. We were very well prepared for our performance and three of us even earned solos.
Another important aspect of the festival was making friends. We met new people from all over the world that we could relate to. The two members that had gone last year still kept in touch with the friends they made at the festival and this year was no different.

    All of the AMIS music festivals are extremely competitive and this year around 500 auditions were sent. There was a record of 205 alto voice auditions this year and 4 of our students were accepted as altos. In order to be accepted it is not enough to just be good at singing, you have to be a truly dedicated music student. It was such accomplishment to have 6 students accepted into the Women’s Honor Choir this year since it is such a highly selective festival. Not only that, but three of the students were chosen for solos (53 girls auditioned in total) and 2 other girls were part of a soli.

Overall, this trip has not only enriched our musical and cultural knowledge, but it has created an unbreakable bond between 7 very different people. This trip was a life changing experience through which we have been able to grow so close.  I think we can safely say, this experience is one we’ll never forget, and it is all part of the Graded Experience.

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