Monday, March 3, 2014

Post PTA Coffee Debrief

Wednesday's HS/MS PTA Coffee with Dr. Anthony Wong was well attended and parents left with more ideas and questions to consider. Much of the information that Dr. Wong covered is part of our health curriculum in grades 7 - 12 so our students know quite a bit about the effects of drugs. 

The two presentations provide parents with information on the following questions.

  • Are drugs harmful?
  • Why do teen try or use drugs?
  • What leads to addiction?
  • What drugs are available?
  • What are the tools available to avoid, prevent or keep away from drugs?

Part 1 of the Presentation

Part 2 of the Presentation

In serving as a voice for high school parents the PTA representatives have expressed a need for more sessions like this for parents and students. We have plans to bring in Fabian Nacer to speak to the high school students and we are working on hosting Dr. Wong for a high school assembly. As part of our health and PE curriculum review and next year's counseling curriculum review we will be looking at revising our long-term strategy for helping students make healthier lifestyle choices. The use of drugs is just one of the areas that is covered.

Please feel free to comment on Dr. Wong's presentation or thoughts that you may have on this topic at Graded.

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